About Us

What makes us Iconic

We are piloting tomorrow's creativity through hybrid tech consultancy, and intelligence solutions.

ICONIC DATA has offices in the U.S., Singapore, Shanghai, Myanmar, and India, and is constantly incorporating the latest information on cutting-edge technology, market trends, and overseas conditions from around the world.

We are not bound by the existing concepts of Japanese society, but pursue unlimited possibilities, and propose and realize the best solutions for our clients from a wide range of options.

Research and development (R&D)

In-house developed system

We are promoting a SaaS project that aims not only to solve corporate management issues, but also to automate management and increase corporate value.
We are conducting offshore development in Myanmar and training a development team for the next generation.

Data consulting for subsidiaries within the group

Providing consulting services to improve corporate culture and lead the company to success.

Examples of consulting services

  • AI chatbot development for automation of labor and administrative operations
  • Marketing research and market analysis support
  • Web skill test production (for data engineers, analysts, and scientists)
  • Development of employee performance management and career path support tools, etc.