Business Details

Data Consulting

Our team of strategic consultants and data scientists supports the realization of data-driven management for client companies.

Responds to following types of requests from our customers:

  • “We have organized a data team with an awareness of the importance of data utilization, but it is not working well, so we need your help.”
  • “I am interested in data-centric management, but I don't know how and what to do first..”
  • “We are practicing data utilization, but are wondering if we can do something about the tedious data cleansing process."

Integration Architecture

We support system design, development, construction, and operation of client companies.

  • IT Consulting
  • Outsourcing
  • Cloud
    • AWS Migration
    • AWS Construction
    • AWS Serverless development
    • Azure Construction
    • VMWare Construction
    • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Packaging system
    • BI
    • SAP
  • Data
    • Data Analysis
    • Python
  • Technology
    • DevOps
    • AI (Footage, Image Recognition)
    • RPA
    • DWH
    • IoT
    • Low Code/No Code development, Serverless

Responds to following types of requests from our customers:

  • “We don't have anyone in our company who is familiar with AWS, so we need a resident consultant.”
  • “We want a company with solid technical capabilities to develop the system on our behalf.”
  • “We are short of manpower onsite. If there is an engineer whose skill set matches our needs, please introduce him to us.“